Love tube ♡ Tubul dragostei

{En} Love wants to be shared every day and especially in February.

{Ro} Dragostea se vrea impartita, transmisa, simtita in fiecare zi si mai ales in Februarie.

{ En} Don’t forget to send love to your kids, send love to your partner, family,friends feel this joy every day its such a great thing.

{Ro} Sa nu uitam zilnic sa trasmitem dragostea copiilor, partenerului, familiei,prietenilor… acestea sunt momente care ne definesc ca oameni, ne incarca pozitiv, aduc acea energie placuta care da sens vietii.

{En} Here I want to share with you an unusual way of celebrating love moments.

{Ro} Azi impart cu voi un mod neobisnuit de a transmite declaratii de dragoste.

{En} I borrowed this idea from a film, we whisper sweet words full of love statements through a tube.

Am preluat ideea dintr-un film, trasmitem soapte dulci cu declaratii de iubire printr-un tub.


{En} This activity is a good method to show gratitude to our kids and also for parente for a dose of colour in their daily routine.

We also use it for drilling new vocabulary, learning poems and songs or telling stories.

😉 Why not to difficult or delicate topics in such a positive way, respecting a golden rule ” Listen and Understand me correctly.”

I would say that is also perfect for my English lessons, students enjoy magic tube  pair work.

{RO} Jocul e potrivit ca o metoda de a ne bucura copilasii cu alintari cat si pentru tatici si māmici sā-si coloreze  rutina cu declaratii de dragoste prin tubul magic.

Deasemenea noi il folosim pentru a exersa vocabular nou, poezii si cantecele sau pentru a spune povesti.

😉 Apropo, de ce nu am discuta astfel teme mai dificile sau delicate intr-un mod pozitiv, doar o respectand regula de aur “Asculti si Intelegi corect”.

As zice ca e un succes si pentru orele de limba straina, studentii de orice varsta adora lucrul in perechi cu tubul magic.

{En} All you need is a nice tube made of paper, after you need to whisper words through it and you partner to put the other end at his/her ear and enjoy listening sweet words.

{RO} Avem nevoie doar de un tub decorat frumos, un capat se pune la urechea partenerului,iar prin celālalt soptim cuvinte dulci.

{En} Enjoy you Love! Enjoy words molody through a love tube!

We whisper love for You,

Angela and Lia



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