Rustic Wall Art with Love for our Love

Panou Rustic cu Dragoste pentru a noastra Dragoste.

On Valentine’ s day we wanted to make an unusual present for our Daddy, so we decided to make a Family fingers Love Tree ( my next post will present the project) and a diy Rustic Wall Art just for him.

{Ro} De ziua Dragostei ne-am dorit o surpriza neobisnuita pentru Tati, asa am ajuns sa facem Family Finger Love Tree <Copacelul Dragostei> ( proiect pe care il vom prezenta curand) si un panou rustic facut cu dragoste pentru Tati.

All we needed we prepared some days in advance:

{Ro} Am preagatit cu cateva zile inainte lucrurile necesare pentru proiect, iata de ce am avut nevoie.

-A pallet board- we got it from an up-cycled orange bin

{Ro}  Un panou din paleti – l-am pregatit dintr-o lada care am avut-o cu portocale.

– White paint and a sponge to snow the pallet.

{Ro} Vopsea alba si un burete pentru a ninge panoul cu urme albe.

– Some brushwood for a rustic lego letters.

{Ro} Niste vreascuri pentru un lego rustic din litere.


-Hot glue gun,

{Ro} Pistol cu clei fierbinte,

– Some rustic cord

{Ro} Niste ata- funie rustica


Step by step now:

-First we snowed the pallet board with white paint using a sponge.

{Ro} Intai am nins cu vopsea alba paleta din paleti folosind un burete.


-Then we cut some brushwood for the perfect sized letters,

{ Ro} Apoi am taiat niste vreascuri pe marimile potrivite literelor noastre,

-Next we enjoyed a letter activity play,

{Ro} Dupa asta am savurat cateva minute bune jocul cu litere, care tare a captivat-o pe Lia.


– In the end we matched the letters, wrote the word, made two brushwood hearts and glue them all on pallet board using a got gun glue and added a short rustic cord so that we could put it on a wall.

{Ro} Spre sfarsit am potrivit literele, al scris cuvantul cu crengute, am facut doua ininioare din vreascuri si le-am lipit pe toate de panou cu un pistol de clei fierbinte.


Tam tam our surprise is ready!


Lia was very proud to participate at this project,she enjoyed a new sensory and creative activity and more than that was eagger to help me as she new is a present for Daddy.

{ RO} Lia a fost tare mandra  sa contribuie cot la cot cu mine la acest proiect diy, incercand o activitate  noua atat senzoriala cat si creativa, ba mai mult de a atat a manifesta o pofta frumoasa de a participa la cadoul pentru Tati.

As she was so hardworking and lovely I waited her to fall asleep and I had the chance to enjoy the silence of her nap preparing a present for her and a tasty dinner for a special evening.

{ Ro} Pentru ca a fost harnicuta si draguta dupa ce a adormit la ” ora de nani nani soare” i-am impachetat un cadou doar pentru ea si am reusit sa pregatesc cina pentru o seara speciala.


In the evening she couldn’ t wait him to come and be ready to show the gorgeous surprise we worked on.

{ Ro} Seara nu mai avea rabdare sa vina Tati, sa ii aratam surpriza.

When Daddy came she was jumping of joy and was all a smile ( me too 😉 ) as he came with a rose for her as a sign of Love.

{ Ro} Cand a venit Tati ea sarea in sus de atata bucurie si s-a facut toata un zambet ( si inca cineva ;)) caci el venise cu o floare toata a ei, acel gest de iubire de care eu i-am tot vorbit in Februarie.


Are courious what was her present, the which which I prepared while she was having her siesta?

A bed time book to share our love reading together and after to spend restful nights.

{Ro}Sunteti curioase (curiosi) ce cadou am impachetat eu pentru ea cat a dormit?

O carte pentru Noapte buna, sa citim impreuna cu dragoste pentru a ne asigura nopti odihnitoare.


Love wants to be celebrated every day, every moment…only showing your love you can live a positive life this is the idea we wanted her to catch.We totally agree that the happiest, the most confident and positive children grow in healthy families where love is felt and shared every day,where parents are ready to pay back with more love for every way of sharing it.

{ Ro} Dragostea se vrea sarbatorita zilnic, in fiecare clipa…doar traind cu dragoste si pentru dragoste putem aduce emotii pozitive in viata noastra- asta e morala pe care ne-am dorit sa o desprinda ea din acest Februarie.

Stim ca cei mai fericiti si mai increzuti in fortele lor sunt copiii crescuti in dragoste si cu dragoste, in acele familii in care fiecare gest de iubire este apreciat si primeste un raspuns si mai plin de iubire.

One of my students inspired me to have every month a special day, on the same date, every one has to choose a number ex. 1 or 22 of each month.

She and her husband have this tradition for more that 15 years and the emotions the gathered are enough to persuade each of us to keep on such a great family tradition.

We’ve enjoyed our Love special day for 5 years- one little thing on that date remembers us that we are the one who paints our life.

{Ro} Una dintre studentele mele de la cursul de Engleza m-a inspirat sa stabilim o data si sa serbam dragostea noastra in fiecare luna pe aceesi data.

Va ramane doar sa alegeti o data orice numar care va reprezinta ex 1, 10,30…

Ea si sotul ei pastreaza aceasta traditie frumoasa de familie mai bine de 15 ani, iar amintirile si emotiile pozitive pe care le-au adunat cred ca sunt un motiv suficient de convingator pentru a crea o astfel de zi speciala in fiecare luna in fiecare familie.

In familia noastra aceasta frumoasa traditie infloreste deja de 5 ani si stiu ca o sa o pastram – un simplu gest facut pentru dragostea unei familii ne aminteste ca noi suntem cei care ne coloram viata.

Lets Grow Love, bring up the best children in the univers !

With love Angela and Lia.





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