Family fingers Love Tree

In my previous post  Rustic Wall Art with Love for our Love I promised to come with our second craft project for Valentine’s day, here it comes.

My daughter loves Family finger song, I can say this is the song she sings most often, she puts something on her finger and fun starts that is why I chose to try with her such a great project.

Here are the steps of the project.

1. Put her hand on a cardboard

2.Draw his/her hand contour


3. Find a toilet paper roll, cut it a little in both parts of the up bottom.


4. Cut  red paper or red cardboard hearts, if you choose a one one paint it in the wished coulours, also paint the paper roll.



5. Prepare your homemade glue- you need some flour and a little warm water, mix it until you get a fluid paste.


6.Fix the hand contour on the paper roll, we managed to get the contour of both hands.


7.Put glue on each paper heart and fix each of them on the hand contour.This was the part of the project Lia enjoyed most of all.

Tam tam our Family Finngers Love Tree is ready !


Enjoy craft project with your kid, its such a great and positive experience.

With Love, Angela and Lia.



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