5 Little ducks



1, 2, 3,4, 5

Five little ducks say: ” river Bye, bye 🙂 …


6, 7, 8…

They say swimming and splashing is Great,

9, 10..

Lets do it again !!!

1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Five little ducks want to fly

6, 7, 8…

I count them on the lake


9, 10 …

Then they go home again

One in front ,


the other next,

Three go between merely

Four  are hungry

One is angry


Lets enjoy the lesson learning

6 are happy, 7 go straight

8 are quickly, 9 are slow

How many ducks can you count till our evening show?





1, 2, 3, 4, 5…

Vin ratustele aici


Jos pe rau se clatin-agale,

Razele soarelului le mangaie a lor cale,

6 ,7, 8…

Ratustele stau pe loc,

9, 10…

Au labutele crete,

Si cate o codita lata, las-ca mai numar alta data.


En: Do you know any child who doesn’t like playing with water? 😉

Our daughter for sure loves this, we started in March and we still enjoy the water pleasure.

As you observed we need just some aluminium paper and the river or lake is ready to reflect the shinning sun…


Then Pour some water and the ducks go on… Try again and again for sure they will want to repeate this game 🙂


We are going to try this water activity on the beach, the sea will help us with water and sand will give the chance to build bridges and waterfalls.

Here I combined also teaching some adjectives, opposites, prepositions, learning Yellow and of course counting- #angelateacher is still here 😉

We are sure you will try this fun activity and you will like it.

We wait for your photos in our comments 🙂

Have a great summer, see you soon ❤


Ro: Voi stiti vreun copil care nu adora sa se joace cu apa?

Eu Nuuu!!!

Lia adora jocurile cu apa, am inceput inca in martie primele aventuri…


Dupa cum ati vazut e simplu de tot sa obtineti un raulet, aveti nevoie doar de o coala de hartie de aluminiu si razele soarelui se vor reflecta in fundul unui raulet sau lac

Apoi adugand apa cu o galeata ratustele vor inota exact ca in cantecel 🙂 …


La sigur veti cara multa apa caci copilul va cere sa repetate jocul indelung.

Noi planificam sa il incercercam si pe plaja acolo apa va fi la idemana iar nisipul va oferi sansa sa construim poduri si cascade…


Dupa ce ati citit rimele la sigur ati intelez deja ca astfel Lia a repetat numaratul in en si ro, a invatat cateva adjective unele dintre ele in formula- gaseste opusul- (slow – quickly) , a invatat prepoziitii si desigur a aprofundat recunoasterea culorii Galben, ratustele fiind inspiratia pentru toate sus mentionate.


🙂 Sper ca v-a placut idee, asteptam poze de la voi.

Nici nu va intreb cand o incercati caci stiu ca curand 😉

Pana la o noua postare va uram o vara vesela cu pofta de tot ce lasa amintiri vesnic vii.

Cu drag, Angela, mamica Liei ❤







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